Contagiously Catholic Parish Alliance

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Office of the New Evangelization, in partnership with the Evangelical Catholic, is offering a unique service to a parishes committed to becoming completely mission-oriented.

A Contagiously Catholic Parish Alliance is a partnership between the parish and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Office of the new Evangelization. With the help of the Evangelical Catholic, we will mentor you to be equipped to implement a strategic process of evangelization.

What makes the Contagiously Catholic Parish Alliance Different? 

  • This is not about implementing a new program, or giving you a step by step manual to for evangelization. This is about giving the parish leadership the vision, the skills, and the motivation to create a culture for evangelization.

  • A Parish Alliance is a major investment of time and resources from the Office of the New Evangelization. Instead of trying to do everything for everybody we have made a strategic decision to work very hard with a few number of parishes. In the long run, we know that this will be the best use of our time.

What will this cost us?

The cost for the Parish Alliance is being paid through the annual Catholic Ministries Appeal and is free to parishes. A Parish Alliance will require a significant commitment of time, energy, and personnel. We can only work with a select number of parishes at this time, so it will be very important that parishes are prepared and informed.


Current Contagiously Catholic Parishes: