About us

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati, rich in history and sprawling in geography, is a microcosm of the Catholic Church in the United States – and of the nation itself. In its 19 counties one finds cities and towns; suburbs and rural areas; farms and factories; affluence and poverty. In some reaches of the Archdiocese the Catholic population is heavy, in others it is sparse. But in all of them, the local church is a venerable presence and a continuing influence for more than half a million Catholics and their neighbors through its churches and chapels, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and retreat centers. It has been that way almost from the beginning of the diocese.

Through hundreds of parishes, schools, hospitals, agencies and institutions, the Archdiocese proclaims and follows the teachings of Christ that lead to peace, joy and the fullness of life. This local church of almost half a million Catholics, founded as a diocese in 1821, is strong in faith and rich in tradition.

Office for the New Evangelization

The Office for the New Evangelization is a catalyst in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for inspiring a new ardor, and utilizing new methods and new expression for creating a culture of witness in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati that will serve to build missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.

Contagiously Catholic

The Contagiously Catholic brand communicates the efforts of the Office of the New Evangelization to equip missionary disciples.

Contagiously Catholic is funded by the annual Catholic Ministries Appeal.