Evangelization Management

Evangelization Management

We must remember that the eternal destinies of everyone we love or may encounter are hanging in the balance. The witness of our lives and the wisdom and the truth of our words may make an eternal difference for people. – Ralph Martin “The Urgency of the New Evangelization: Answering the Call”

Easter changes everything. Death is conquered. New life is offered. The choice is now clear. Missionary Disciples proclaim the Resurrection. The Resurrection is the Good News; it should also give us a sense of urgency in our evangelization efforts. Our love of others will have eternal consequences. We cannot put off for tomorrow what Christ is urging us to do today.

I can be a procrastinator. I have to force myself to reach the personal and professional goals I have set for myself. It should be no different in my personal apostolate of evangelization. I have found the Time Management Quadrant from Steven Covey to be very helpful. The whole idea of the Time Management Quadrant is to make sure we spend our time on the most important things.

  • Quadrant 1 is for the urgent and important opportunities.
  • Quadrant II is for long-term planning for your most important activities.
  • Quadrant III is for time pressured distractions. They are not really important, but someone wants it now.
  • Quadrant IV is for those activities that yield little value. These are activities that are often used for taking a break from time pressured and important activities.

Here is what an Evangelization Management Quadrant might look like, recognizing that the best use of our time will be spent in Quadrants 1 and 2


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