Awakening Faith

Awakening Faith

I grew up in Croatia (formerly part of communist Yugoslavia) where my family didn’t talk about God.

I started singing and performing when I was 4. Music was my ‘connection’ with the divine – it provided a sense of joy, comfort, beauty, peace and love.

At the age of 19 I became a superstar when I represented my country at the Eurovision Song Contest (YouTube video of that performance has 3+ million views). I had everything and more than I needed. I was admired and adored by millions.

But it was conditional.

People loved the ‘stage’ version of me and soon I realized that if I don’t perform, someone else would quickly take my place and I’d be left all alone and forgotten.

Not knowing who I really was outside of my role as a performer fed my sense of insecurity and lack of self-worth. I started resenting my career and was deeply unhappy.

A close friend invited me to an informal meeting at a Dominican church – to meet these teenagers, who, because they were raised with faith and spirituality, had a different perspective on life.

They met me exactly where I was – lonely, lost and scared – and through the language I could understand they talked to me about Love and God.

The truth that God loved me just the way I was – without me having to perform, be successful or famous triggered my spiritual awakening and changed the course of my life.

I left my career behind and came to America – the land of the free and the home of the brave – where I’d learn to be both free and brave to take the journey inward, do the hard work of removing the layers of built up resentment, hurt and anger to be able to live within God’s purpose.

For 13 years I toured America performing and sharing my story in over 1,000 spiritual concerts. I traveled with my husband/producer Matthew Cameron and our three sons staying with families, gaining a unique perspective of the American spirit, faith and the Church.

As with all journeys, mine had many ups and downs. In 2006 my father passed away and the anxiety I had already been fighting, developed into a depression.

Despite my prayers, my faith, and constant effort to surrender to God’s will, I got into a dark, difficult place.

A serious marriage crisis helped me to awaken to my authentic, joyous self – this time it was my turn to meet ‘me’ where I was and embrace and love my soul when it didn’t perform – for God or my husband or anyone else – but in its stillness and in simply being.

The shift and change within my soul brought me to a much closer relationship with God, and a surrender in which we become an active participant and a bearer of His Light, Love and Life.


Tajci (TY-chi) Cameron is a singer/ songwriter and inspirational performing artist with a pop-star background. She currently lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Matthew and their three sons Dante, Evan and Blais. More about Tajci’s work can be found at

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